My True Colors

Austin Good - 3hr


My Childhood

Growing up and still to this day shows my true color. Whether it was playing video games to working on cars , I was always trying to find the quickest way to fix things. I even try to find things fix whenever I have nothing to do.


When working, or working on things, I would rather do hands on work in the quickest way possible. For example, lets say your designing something from scratch, but you would rather try to find something that makes it faster to do.


Being an Artisan as my true color, I am not a great leader. I usually communicate through my actions and have very little conversations. Also I prefer to work alone instead of with other people.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

If I ever have a bad day my symptoms are very low. Usually I ignore as many bad things as possible throughout the day unless something really bothers me. If something does bother me, I may become a little angry, but am able to control myself.


The three characteristics that fit my personality the best is playing with various toys like cars, boats, and motorcycles; the tendency of being hard to get to know; and the thrive of excitement like speed racing. The characteristics the fit me the least are enjoying fishing, skiing and surfing; also being an extreme risk taker. I believe becoming a car mechanic or car tuner fits my personality the best, but along with job the temptation of getting as much done at once and wanting to do other things. On the bright side, I would enjoy what i'm doing because its hands on work and can work alone.