Tony Hawk

Biography by : Colin McCann


Tony hawk was born on May 12, 1968 and at Carlsbad California he was hyper when he was young. He expected to do many things in life but he often was hard on himself. Some of his time was spent doing basketball but if he missed he would go hide . But then his parents placed him in advanced classes because he had an IQ of 144.
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Tony hawk had a positive effect on life. He also had a good effect on people who had trouble doing things. Tony hawk had a very good career because he did many things in skateboarding he did a 900 when he was 33. The adjective I would call him is determined.

his life

He was very risk taking and often tried to do the impossible.

the reason i chose him

he is often very much like Rambo and often could do a 900 even now when he is 45.

the reason he is so cool

the reason he is so cool is because he was the first person to do a 900.

one thing that i learned about him.

one thing that i learned about is that he has 3 kid.