Blackland Prairies

Jasmine Clark, Bonnie Pope


The animals are white-tail deer and waterfowls. The waterfowls eat millet and smart-weeds. White-tail deer mostly eat green-plants.


There are wild flowers, purple coneflowers, and coralbeans. The most populated plant in the Blackland Prairies is a Common Yarrow.


Is the Edward aquifier.This is one of the most unique ground water systems,and prolific artesian aquifers.2 million people use this aquifer in south central Texas.

Catastrophic event

Our catastrophic event is wildfires,they happen most when it is very dry . We have a lot of burn bans. It is a very dry ecoregion. Dallas has wildfires more often than you would think. Dallas may be one of the most populated place but also has a lot of open trees and dry land.