Spartan Scoop #29

April 10, 2016

Thought for the Week:

A focus on the work of Stephen Covey:

This week we will "begin with the end in mind."

Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind

By Mark Connelly, Copyright 2008-2016 Taken From-

When I read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People I was struck by the wonderful metaphors that Stephen Covey uses to help us understand the points he makes. For example, he talks about how easy it is to get caught up in the busy-ness of life, working hard to climb the ladder of success, only to discover that all this time the ladder has been leaning against the wrong wall. I find this a very simple and powerful image.

It's this metaphor that Stephen Covey uses to describe Habit 2, Begin With The End In Mind. It's a simple idea really and is about making an effort to start with a clear understanding of your destination and where you are going. Making sure your ladder is up against the right wall before you start climbing.

This is essentially about planning so that we know where we are going all the time instead of being busy with day to day activities that actually take us nowhere. Taking the time to see the bigger picture, to plan where we are heading, leads to personal effectiveness.

"“Begin with the end in mind” is based on the principle that all things are created twice. There’s a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things.” Stephen Covey makes the point that everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.

If you're building a house you plan every detail with architects drawings, builders and landscapers according to what you want to create. Only then does the physical work begin.

Before you go on a holiday you've usually planned the trip very carefully before you set foot out of your front door. If you're giving a business presentation you plan it before you present it.

The question of course is why we neglect to do this when it comes to our own lives? Life throws so many things at us that keep us so busy that often we have never thought about where we are heading and if what we are doing is taking us closer to, or further from our destination.

Stephen Covey provides many effective ways to begin this level of planning in your personal life together with lots of examples. He also provides very useful suggestions for applying the ideas he has presented at the end of each 'habit' chapter.

Building Items:

Summatives will be taking place from this point out. Once Dave or I ask to set up this meeting we need you to get these set up with Dee or Melissa quickly. Thank you!

Floating Work Day Form is due May 1 to Dave.

PD Log is due to Dave May 1.

This week kicks off our 5th Grade students and MAP testing- Please refer to the testing schedule that was given to you/shared out in Google Docs.

** MAP Tubs-- make sure you have these with you when you go to take the test. Jessica will have each tub filled with all items you will need. Make sure that you check in with the nurse if you have a student with a health need that could take place during testing.

** Administrators/Directors available at each site for assistance: Angie and Dave will be back at GBE for the rest of testing; Ken will still be at the High School

** Cell Phones- take these if you travel for communication. These may not be out during testing for any reason.

**Small Groups- these will be announced and be dismissed to the School Square for all Proctors to go to meet and pick up the students they will asses. Please be prompt if you are proctoring a group.

** Headphones and Partitions- Should all be in place and ready to go at each site; Take an extra set or two of headphones with you in your tub.

**Make Ups- We have been running our lists of Make ups out of the conference room. Make sure your tickets that are in this category get to Jessica. She is a rock star at keeping this organized!!


Gratz Brown Elementary – Conference Room or Guidance Office, Rep is Doug.

Wednesday April 13, beginning at 10:30 AM unless otherwise instructed, building open until 4:15 PM.

Friday, April 15, beginning at 7:45 AM unless otherwise instructed, building open until 4:15 PM.

Monday, April 18, beginning at 10:30 AM unless otherwise instructed, building open until 4:15 PM.

Calendar Items:

Monday, 4/11/16

CLT @ 8 am- Computer Lab

3rd Grade teams view data walls from NP and SP re next year's students

Tuesday, 4/12/16

Care Team Meeting for 3rd grade @ 7:45

5th Grade MAP testing begins

Board of Education Meeting at 5:30- Central Office

Wednesdy, 4/13/16

Mid Quarter

Sped Staffing Meeting @ 7:45

Open Enrollment for Insurance @ GBE, 10:30 to 4:15

Thursday, 4/14/16

MAP meeting @ 7:45 ?? May cancel or change-- please be aware

Wellness Team meeting @ 7:45

Grades Due in SIS

Friday, 4/15/16

Open Enrollment for Insurance @ GBE, 7:45 to 4:15

Grade LevelTeam Meetings @ 7:45

Progress Reports and Retention Letters Go Home today

Truman Literature Festival Winners Travel today!

Jump for Jill Assembly in the Gym @ 8:30 a.m. - Dismiss for the day to classrooms afterwards

GBE and SP SPRING CARNIVAL @ MACC begins at 5:00 -- please be a little early to be ready to work the booth you signed up for for this event- Thank you!

Keep in Mind: Final SLO Data that we are collecting for our 5 CWG data points needs to be shared with both Sheila and myself.

Vision Items:

CLT- Teams meet @ 8 a.m.

Meet in the Computer Lab

  • PBS Data Share Today
  • DRA and Scoring Clarifications and discussions for this school year
  • Break into teams to do the following:

  1. Data Wall Glimpse and conversations regarding Math-- Who is still not where they need to be?
  2. Data Discussions RE ELA-- DRA Windows and STAR windows are opening for Spring Benchmarks-- Who is still not where they need to be?
  3. Discussion on final Retention Letters that go home this quarter-- collaborative look at the letter we will use. (Shared out on Drive); Discuss from your recommendations and the data present who will be these final candidates? Letters go home on Friday with Progress Reports/Copy of each letter shared with Angie/Melissa. Please create a file and share the file with us that contains each letter, not the letters individually. This is easier for management purposes. WE will set up meetings as seen necessary.

(3rd Grade teams will be going over the NP and SP data walls that are being sent over for next years students.)

PBS Items

Info from PBS Building Coaches-

This is a heads-up to let you know that Jessica, Samantha or Jackie will be around and about to take video clips for PBS videos. Two students from a multimedia class at MATC have teamed up with us to create these videos. So, if we come to your classroom to ask you and your students to do some clips for us, please help us out. :) Our goal is to complete at least two videos before the end of the school year.

Staff Birthdays:


Sara McDowell-6th

Randy Harris-21st

Dana Ross - 28th

Lollipop Moments:

HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Heimann for being flexible with specials during MAP testing! It truly does take a village!

This last week I want to give everyone that pitched in and remained flexible a huge Thank you!! It has been a whirlwind and we could not have gotten all of the make ups and MAP needs taken care of without each of you. This was one of those moments where I stood back and just felt the buzz of teamwork that was occurring each day. All of you are fabulous!