The main cause of World War I?


The desire to maintain a strong military, so when the need is dire the forces will hold.

How Militarism Can Cause War

Nations were focused on building their Armies and Navy up. When one Nation would build up, the other Nations were trying to outbuild other Nations.
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Arms Race

Before World War I the Nations rushed to gather their weapons, and gathering all the weapons was very chaotic and frantic.

A Word From Bailey

I feel militarism was most responsible for starting the war. I felt it showed who would be stronger, more threatening, and put everyone on edge. They were waiting to see who fired the first shot.

Some More Information

- militarism was more then just fighting is was also about media, public opinion, and culture. I like to think of it as trash talk, trying to make others take your side or be afraid of you.

- Militarism created an environment where war seemed like the best way to settle world disputes rather then negotiation or diplomacy.