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"As the PSE PTO, it is our mission to provide Painted Stone Elementary with outstanding support as well as to involve the community in our youth's education."

Happy New Year from the PTO!

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Kaleidoscopes Fundraiser

Details are coming soon! The PTO will have a fundraiser at Kaleidoscopes Playground located at 525 Main Street in downtown Shelbyville. It will be an amazing opprotunity to help the PTO and introduce our PSE families that have not yet been there yet to Kaleidoscopes!!! Stay tuned!!
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Sweatshirt Sales

Sweatshirt sales run January 4th through January 15th.

The cost is $17 each.

You should have recieved an email with instructions and payments methods.

Email the PTO at with any questions!

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Santa Shop was a HUGE success!!

Thank you to all the volunteers tha came to help with Santa Shop. YOU helped make it all a success! I personally had the best time watching the students come in to purchase their gift for their friends and family members. I was a witness to such kindness as several students shared a dollar or two with their friends to ensure that the friend was about to get what they wanted for their family and friends. I have already begun shopping for next year's Santa Shop. I have come across so many cute, quality items for your student to purchase. Remember that Santa Shop is an APPRECIATION EVENT therefore the PTO doe not make any money off this event. All proceeds are my budget to shop for last year. And as always, the prices are low for your student. Nothing is over $10. Students were asking for gift wrapping. I HAVE HEARD YOUR STUDENT! I am working on making this a reality for next year. It is a pleasure to servie your student. They are the only reason for this event. As I ramble, please understand that Santa Shop is the event that I look forward to ALL YEAR! I will send out an email soon with an opprotunity for you to help with Santa Shop 2016. There is something that you can do now!