The time I got Pneumonia

By: Allison

The Start

It was the day I was burning up like the sun. But I couldn’t go to the emergency room yet. I had been sick for the past four days just laying on the brown, saggy couch all day, with my fever not that high. But the reason I could not go to the ER was because the alarm company was over installing our alarm system. My mom bent down with her blonde short hair touching my face as she told me I was burning up, so she decided to take my temperature. My temperature turned out to be 104 degrees. My mom was shocked that it was that high and I needed to go to the emergency room. My mom started to get angry because it was taking so long to install the alarm system.They finally finished and my mom rushed me to the emergency room.

The doctor's

After we got thru all of the traffic and finally made it to the emergency room, the doctors took me back and got an x ray of my lungs. The doctor came back and said,

“The x rays will take about two hours to come back so if you want to leave and wait until tomorrow you can,” before my mom could say anything I said,

“It’s okay we can wait,” just so I won’t have to come back tomorrow.

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The wait

While we were waiting my mom wanted to go to sleep on the wrinkled white hospital bed, but I wanted to stay awake because I thought the doctor would forget about us. The whole time we were waiting my mom was keeping everyone updated on how I was doing and I was playing a weird connect the dots game on the floor.

The reveal

It just kept on getting later and later, we starting to get impatient. Finally the doctor came in with the x ray and said,

“I am sorry to say this but you have pneumonia,”

I didn’t know what that was so asked the doctor,

“What is pneumonia?” I asked.

“Pneumonia is when you have fluid in your lungs and you have trouble breathing,” the doctor explained.

I was scared and thought I was going to die. My mom said I was going to be okay if I rest and had my antibiotics. So we called the pharmacy and ordered the antibiotics. Since it was around one o’clock in the morning we had to hurry and go pick up my antibiotics.

Back at home

After we picked up my medicine we went and picked up sisters from my mom’s friend’s house. I just wanted to be alone when we got home and go to bed because of how late it was. I didn’t want to take my medicine because I thought it would taste as bad as a dirty pill that had been on the floor. But when I did take the medicine it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The medicine tasted like a slimey bubble gum substance that made me gag a little after it went down my throat. After I took the medicine I finally got to go to rest and go to bed.


So in the end I got all of the fluid out of my lungs and ended up having a great Summer. But I felt really bad for my sister Annie because I gave her pneumonia and she had to miss out on the Summer trip, and on top of that she got strep throat. But in conclusion we all became healthy and had a fun rest of the Summer.
What is Pneumonia?