Queen Elizabeth

The Horrible Queen

The life of the queen.

The queen was born in greenwich england and was the daughter of king henry and anna bolyen she was a ruler of the monarchy she was loyal to being single she was given power because she was born into power but her brother claimed the throne then later died she took the throne at age 25 after she took it from cousin and ruled for 44 years. She loved Learning Music and Languages and she was home schooled for years.


An Absolute Monarch Who Ruled In the Name Of God And Kill And Punshied Who Aposed


  • Inprisoned Her Sister and Her Cusion.
  • Killed Her Sister ( Signed her execution after 20 years of in prisonment )
  • Changed The Chuch from Roman Catholicism back to prostestant after mary killed 300 prostestant's earning the nickname "bloody mary".
  • Started Her Own Rebellion : The Queen Sent Robert Deveraux the earl of essex into ireland to quell the rebellion but when Robert returned home to england he went against the queen and start his own rebellion he was later tried and killed for treason


the acceptance of or belief in absolute principles in political, philosophical, ethical, or theological matters.