The Ririe Report

September 20, 2020

Dear Families,

We had the loveliest time celebrating our grandparents. It was a new experience and I was not sure how it would turn out, but it went so well, I think I'm going to carry on the tradition even when we return to the old way (grandparents coming to have lunch with their grandchild).

I wish I had taken pictures, but I was so busy handling my desk top, laptop, and overhead projector that I did not think to take any photos.

Our first student came up to read what she had written for her grandmother and she got emotional and teared up, which in turn made some of our grandmas tear up, and then several of the other students had tears, as well. It was so touching. I can tell that so many of my students have strong bonds with their grandparents.

Spelling Words

Just a reminder that students will have a spelling test on Thursdays (had the first one on the 17th).

Spelling words have been posted on Google Classroom and students will receive the new words every Thursday.

Words for week of 9/21 - antonyms

Words for week of 10/1 - prefixes de and com

Learning From Each Other

Last week, the kids paired up to help each other improve their reading fluency. One of the best ways to improve fluency is to re-read the text, so students read a story while their partner timed them (1 minute); the student then re-read the text two more times. Many of the students were surprised when they saw that their fluency increased with each reading...very exciting! The process takes some preparation, but the kids did great. Once they are confident with this new skill (timing and recording each other), we'll work on tone and phrasing.

Parents, you can help your child at home by doing the same thing. You time them while they read a passage for one minute, and then they can time you. The important thing is that they read at a normal rate - no speed reading.

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