Cinnamon Sugar

Sweet & Spicy

What is it?

Cinnamon sugar is a blend of cinnamon and sugar, used to flavor a variety of foods.

Can I make it?

Cinnamon sugar can be easily made with only ground cinnamon and granulated (white) sugar. It is made with a 3:1, sugar to cinnamon ratio, and can be made in less than five minutes. Find the recipe here at

Is it useful?

Cinnamon sugar has many uses, including:

  • A topping for buttered toast, waffles, or bagels
  • An addition to fruit salad and desserts
  • A topping to add to cookies, muffins, or cakes before baking
  • A sweetener for tea and/or coffee

What are some common recipes with cinnamon sugar?

Most recipes won't directly call for "cinnamon sugar", but if a recipe has sugar and cinnamon used together, chances are it is combined to make a cinnamon sugar blend. Here are some of the most popular cinnamon sugar recipes: