By Chase Armstrong & Isaac Cisneros

When Was The Last Ice Age

The latest ice age started about 100,000 years ago and ended 11,700 years ago. Scientists believe acorrding to geophysicists that we still has several thousand years left to run, after which another ice age will most likely begin.
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What Caused The last Ice Age

Becasue of the earths radiation balance the global climate dropped causing an ice age. Ways that the earths radaton balance can drop is a decrese in solar radiation, and altering the long wave energy radiated back to space.

How Has The Earth Changed

Earth has changed drastically throughout millions of years. Continets have moved due to tectonic plates, oceans have disappeared as well as covered new land, and atmospheres are slowly begining to dissipate due to global warming.

Evidence Of Ice Ages

The ways that some rocks were smoothed and why some showed different layers allowed geologists to measure how thick the glaciers and ice sheets were. Using grooves on the sides of mountains and layers in the rocks, scientists were able to determine that the glaciers and ice sheets that were there during the ice age were about 1 mile thick. Glaicers also had fossils of plants and animals that were there during that ice age

Organisms That Went Extinct

The cave lion was the biggest lion that ever lived. It was 25 percent bigger than lions today and was up to about 11.5 ft. The wooly mamoth also became extinct they were big elephant like mamals with long thick fur.

Astronomical Event

Naturally the earth heats up and an ice age is the earths natural way to return to its normal heat. human production speeds up the process of the earth heating hence the tearm global warming but the earth still has thousand of years untill the next ice age
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