My Family !!

What's my family ?

Many families are different but mine just so happens to be unique . The oldest child is my sister Margie , she is responsible , competitive , bossy, has trouble sharing ,mand babbled . When mom and dad were 19 they had Margie who is now turning 16!! I'm the middle child and my name is Hannah I am rebellious , competitive , bossy , humorous , and confident ! Mom and dad were 20 when they had me and I am now turning 15. Blake was the third and last child , he is also rebellious , demanding , competitive , humor, and driven . Mom an dad were 21 when they had Blake and he is now turning 14! My parents are about 5 years apart and happily married , they have been married for about 14 years now . We are a nuclear family . A nuclear family is a family who has both biological parents and children . A perfect family had to meet five needs to live a prosperous life . The first need is physical needs of every person in the house hold . For example about once a week me and my family put down all electronics and play cards and social lize about how our days been . The next need is promoting intellectual development , my parents always tell me and my siblings to try out best and we will be the best . The third need is meeting your emotional needs , my mom and dad always check in on us and ask us how we're doing and by doing that we can talk about our problems and get them off our chest wich makes us feel better . The fourth function is encouraging social skills , my parents do this by taking me to different dances every weekened to meet different people . The last social skill is installing moral values , for example when I was little my parents did this by by disciplining me with a belt , or a switch , or their hand , a flip flop , or a paddle .
All in all my family is at one life cycle which is still the parenting stage because all their children is still in school and living at home .