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Week of 11/17/17 - 12/1/17

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Letter from Principal Nelson

Howdy Cougars!

We did it! Thanks to you and yours, this year’s Fun Run (Fun Run Part Deux: Zombies Hate Fast Food) was a smashing success! We set the bar high this year and were not disappointed. Our students and community rallied around this event and at the time of this email, we have raised a little over $23,500! That is HUGE! We are so thankful to everybody who contributed and to those who spent their Friday helping out with the fun. Today, our amazing volunteers did a little bit of everything: they monitored inflatable obstacle courses, passed out health-points, ran the bottle flipping station, distributed water and snacks, took money for raffle prizes at lunch, collected pies from generous parents/guardians, held up a balloon arch, and even danced with the kids after their 30 minute run! We know we are only as successful as those who support us and we are extremely thankful y’all have our backs.

Speaking of thanks (well technically writing about it), we hope you enjoy this break dedicated to giving thanks with your loved ones. Not one person has a perfect life, but we all have several reasons to be thankful. I am thankful each day I arrive to work at a job I love surrounded by caring professionals who dig kids. I am thankful you let us spend time with your student and I am thankful for the smile they place on my face every day. We have an amazing campus and we are all thankful for this school year and how smooth it is running. We are especially thankful for this positive vibe that permeates from the ground up here in Smallville. It is a collective force, created by you, your students, are amazing staff, and the common belief that school should and can be a fun place to learn and grow. Thank you for your contribution.

Enjoy the next 9 days off. In the event your student is distraught and blue since they won’t be able to see us every day, please remind them that it is only 9 days and that we will see them soon. Explain to them how setbacks such as this only make us stronger and that we merely want to share the warmth they provide for us with their family for a change. We don’t want to hog all the love and are merely paying it forward.


Matthew Nelson


Small Middle School

(512) 841-6505


Fun Run Pledges end Nov. 24

WOW! What a fun day! Unfortunately we did not hit our goal. But it is not too late to support us. You can still pledge to your students through 11/24/17. For any donations that come in over the Thanksgiving break, the students will get their prizes on Monday and Tuesday with the big raffle drawing set for Wednesday!

What a fun surprise for the kids to come back to school with the announcement that we made it!

Thanksgiving Pies


Every Teacher, Staff Member, Custodian, Cafeteria worker got to take home a pie for Thanksgiving week. What a great way to say Thank to our teachers!

Cougar Parents Rock!!!

Carta del Sr. Nelson en español

Una traducción de la carta del Sr. Nelson será publicada aquí dentro de 24 horas.

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Cougar Online

There are now 6 Stories written and produced by the students! Check out their hard work!

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