Sally's Open House Smore

By Sally Jebory

Earthquake PBL

Tony Stark wants to live in a California in a earthquake low risk place and near the beach. So as a group we decied Monetary because there is a low chance of an earthquake to occer over there and Tony Stark wants to be next to the beach.

Invention Convection

Our envention is a Solar Sweeper and purifies the air. It stays in the air and suces up the pollution and then the air lets out purified air with no pollution

Plate Tentonics

My favirote unit this year was Plate Tentonics beacuse we had an amazing sub Mr. Duran. Nit just the sub i liked about this unit but Plate Tentonics really intrested me. Learning about heat transfor, sea floor sperading, plate boundries, earths crust, amd pengea.