The Vampire Diaries V.1

From the book series The Vampire Diaries By: L.J Smith

Fells Church,is a small town where Elena Gilbert lived. She was miss popular and everyone loved her. Until one day, Stefan Salvatore moved into town and turned her world upside down. She fell for this mysterious, gorgeous or as she thought Young Man. Stefan had a major secret he was hiding from everyone.

The past summer Elena lost her Mom and Dad. Elena was not happy anymore. She pushed everyone one away. The first day back to school herself and her best friend Bonnie saw this handsome young guy.

His name was Stefan Salvatore a guy who Elena wanted to get to know, so she tried. Stefan wasn't the guy that told people about his life or anything. Strangely, he opened up to Elena. Soon he told her to much.

That secret changed everything she thought of him but didn't effect the way she felt.

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