My digital dossier

By Rose 7C

Being born

I think my digital dossier began when my mom had facebook, she posted A LOT of me, along on her flip phone when I had pneumonia in kindergarten.

Grade 1

Facebook was a huge trend back then, so basically all of my relatives had it. So many pictures of me were posted onto facebook. We had this desktop computer where I always would get onto to play a game named Jumpstart, it was sort of stupid now to mention it. I also use to play some card game on the computer where it's like default on the computer. I usually would go onto Youtube and watch some singers like One Direction and Adele.

Grade 2

I think in grade 2, I began to play some game named Animal Jam and I got a huge interest onto Facebook so I got onto my moms account. I looked at budgie pictures since I had a pet bird. I think I might have posted something random too or chatted to people. Along with that I got myself a small camera to take pictures with and to import them into the old desktop with my mother's help. We had this mini little animal project where my mom came and took pictures of me and my friends as well. I made a youtube account with my friend where we played with dolls and posted videos of them.

Grade 3

In grade 3, I began to play a game named Transformice and Webkinz. I really had an addiction to Webkinz due to the cute little plushy animals. My mom had iTunes on the computer so I usually would go and listen to Katy Perry or some popular songs while doing stuff online.

Grade 4

In grade 4, I got really interested into computer science since we got this heavy old Toshiba laptop which was considered good. I usually would do my work on the computer since I have fast typing skills from me using the computer a lot since of a young age. In December, I was the first in my school to get the iPod 5 touch. I really got interested into messaging people from my class and also Instagram.

Grade 5

In grade 5, I usually got onto the computer to play Transformice and usually learned stuff about Steve Jobs which I got interested into, our family got an iPad 4. I got so addicted to Minecraft and Terraria on it. Also some thing called Videostar which I posted videos with my friends onto my Youtube account I made in grade 2 with my friend which still exists, sadly. In the Summer I got myself an iPad mini where I made Videostars and texted people on Instagram.

Grade 6

In grade 6, I got interested into pop punk and rock, I got myself some Beats headphones since music was my favourite thing to do. I got a huge addiction to my laptop I got which had windows 8, I usually got on and watched Youtube videos and got onto Twitter. I began listening to A LOT of bands. I got a Spotify account and listened to music a lot. My favourite thing in grade 6 was to text and facetime my best friend.

Grade 7 (right now)

In grade 7, I got my own phone (a 5s) since my mom had a trial one to see if I'm responsible and I was. I usually text my mom, friends and best friend. I also facetime them. I go onto Skype and talk to my internet friend who's in British Columbia. I usually go onto Instagram and have a goal of posting everyday. I don't really use the computer that much unless for typing assignments, listening to music and basic stuff. My phone has safari so I usually just use that to google and use the internet.