Stop Cyberbullying

Don't cyberbully be friends instead

What is Cyber bullying ?

Cyber bullying is the use of phones, computers, so on and so forth. Cyber bullying is a way for people to make someone feel bad with out saying it to their face.

Examples of Cyber bullying

Mean text massages, rumors sent by emails, and embarrassing pictures.

Three differences between cyber bullying & bullying

Kids who is cyber bullied are often bullied in person, they have a harder time getting away from it, and you do not talk in person.

Effects of Cyber bullying

Use alcohol and drugs, skip school, receive poor grads, have lower self esteem,and will have more health problems.

Prevention & Awareness

Know sites that your kids visits, parents can tell their kids that they have a right to look on their computer, have a sense of what your kids do online, ask them for their password so you can know what your kid is saying,and ask to friend or follow your kid on the internet.

Establishing Rules

Show them how to be safe online, list the sites that they can visit, tell them not to post something that can embarrass someone or them self.

Reporting a Cyberbully

Don't respond to them, keep what they sent to you, and then block that person.

Report to your Online Service Provider

Review the terms and conditions, report cyber bullying to the social media site so they can take carer of it.

Report to your local Law Enforcement

threats of violence, stalking and hate crimes, taking a photo of someone in a place they expect to be privet.

Report to your School

They can get the information from the student and tell the parents, they host anti bullying meetings in most of the schools that can help students stop or prevent bullying and cyber bullying