Price's Press

April 10, 2015

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

The reporters had the week off. Our "Tweeter" for this week has been Ashley . Please follow us on Twitter @Superb4thGrade.

News You Can Use!

The students have been working on an adventure story and they are doing a wonderful job. They are writing them in a document in Google Classroom. I am able to go over thier work and make comments. Some of the students have been writing and revising as they go and some have waited until the rough draft is complete to revise. I like this feature within Google Classroom because sometimes it is tough to touch base with 27 students. Now, I can make comments and we can discuss thier stories.

Since we had MAP testing this week the class did not take the Reading Street test today. They will take it on Tuesday.

Next Thursday, the class will take the math MAP test at 1:30.

All of the math classes are near the end of their current unit so each class will be taking a test in the very near future.