The lost house

action my book has and creepy for some one in here

about my book

if you like action and creepy but not to the point you are on your toes this is a book for me and you I dare you to read this book it is so good and active in my opinion and you will not fall asleep well reading it well you might if you are tired and going to bed well reading

what I think about my book

well I think that it is a great book because it gives you a scare but every one is happy at the end I like the every you gets there happy ending. also I would not fall asleep during this book to much action

guote's from my book

-"my phone rings. it is not a number I know"

-"what is your fee ... I hundred dollars."

-"see you tomorrow. she hangs up."

-"I tell mom about our new job the second she gets home."

what makes this novel great

-it should be creepy and calm and sweet with a little bite of love and good and evil that is what makes this novel get to me and maybe to some of you soon and if you don't like long books like me this book is so short I love small books they are my favorite

my author

her name is m.g. Higgins
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so if you think you hat to read this book then just red it and read it and read it i dare you to!

this is my book and i love it