Learn to Read Toes Certification

ONLINE Classroom - You will be Walking on Wisdom!

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What will you learn?

  • How to interpret the shape, color & condition of the toes.

  • How to give a Toe Reading.

  • Best practices as a Toe Reader.

  • Business and personal use of Toe Reading.

  • Toe Reading practice as Toe-Work (our version of homework)

  • LIVE practice reading toes!

Tap into your greatness or help others remember their potential with Toe Reading

The September 8, 2015 class meets in an online classroom for 2 hours on 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, & 9/29, 2015 from 7 pm - 9 pm EST. Each class is recorded so you will always be able to attend. The class is highly interactive and lead by Pamela Cushman.

Life can be busy and this class is convenient! Listen to the recorded replay of any class you miss or may want to listen again.

Figure out your local time by using this link http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

  • Internet connectivity is needed to attend.

Complete the required classes & YOU will given a certificate of completion as a

Certified Toe Reader!

$199 USD Learn to Read Toes Certification Bundle

Enroll NOW - www.thepointofbalance.com/classes.html

If you need to miss a class you can listen to the class recording later in the week.

There is a way for you to participate in the class!!!

Become a Certified Toe Reader Today!

  • Do you work in a healing profession?
  • Do people come to you for advice?
  • Are you on a path of self-discovery?

These questions scratch the surface of WHO would enjoy Toe Reading! Let me tell you a little bit more about the art of Toe Reading.

What can you learn from a Toe Reading?

You will be able to see your life from a different point of view. How are you showing up? What do you believe to be true about yourself? Are you a good listener or talker? Do you get things done quickly? What role do you play in your relationships? Do you believe you deserve abundance? How much do you trust others?

Each toe tells a different story of your life!

· Big toe-known as the Ether toe or destiny toe

· Second toe-known as the Air toe or communication toe

· Third toe-known as the Fire toe or get it done toe

· Fourth toe-known as the Water toe or relationship toe

· Pinky toe-known as the Earth toe or trust and abundance toe

Are you interested in learning more? Visit http://www.thepointofbalance.com/classes.html

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Register at http://thepointofbalance.com/classes.html

Enroll in the Learn to Read Toes Certification class for $199 USD.


Refund Policy

Full refund offered within 30 days prior to class start date.

50% refund offered withing 14 days prior to class start date.

No refund available 13 days or less before class start date.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be psychic to read toes?

No & Yes! What? You see, I believe each person has access to innate intuition that assists them during a Toe Reading. And, a science side to the art of Toe Reading exists! Both worlds come together.

What if I only want to learn more about my toes?

Great! Take the TOES KNOW self-paced class and see if Toe Reading is for you! You can take this class for $129 USD and download it right now! This class can be very healing as you unlock the stories of your life and begin to see your life’s purpose more clearly.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Each lesson is two hours in length. The class will be interactive. You will be reading toes in every class!!

The class is 8 hours total. You can listen to the recorded class if you miss a live class.

The TOES KNOW self-paced class is a pre-requiste to starting the Learn to Read Toes Certification and is 4 hours in length.

Do I need a webcam?

No webcam needed. You will want to have an Internet connection and screen large enough to see the material being presented. Toe pictures, ect.....

Enroll now @ www.thepointofbalance.com