Human Papillomavirus (Papillomaviridae)


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  • People that are most at risk are those who are involved in a lot of sexual activity, especially those with multiple partners
  • This virus is not specific to one worker or workplace


  • You don't have to have symptoms, but can still infect others
  • Warts on genitals (male or female)
  • Can lead to cervical cell changes
  • Can cause anal or cervical cancer


  • The reproductive system
  • Infection type 6 and type 11 - cause respiratory papillomatosis
  • Infection type 16 and type 18 - both high risk - leads to cervical and anal cancer
  • Transmitted by skin to skin contact


  • Reproductive organs
  • Genital area


  • Avoid having sex completely
  • Don't have sex with someone you do not know or who might have the virus
  • Get the HPV vaccination
  • There is no cure, but the warts may go away on their own

Pathogen in Action

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