The Other Guys

Team Challenge Number One

Our Mission Statement

As a team we are united, we will overcome any obstacle through our hard work, dedication, and service. We have faith in God to lead us to victory, and we will not stop until the job is done.

Steps Taken for Challenge One

1. The first step we took was to decide which member would take responsibility for what. We decided that Jessica would organize the smore, Doni would form the mission statement, Bill would be in charge of the recognition item, and Kyle would handle gathering the materials for the flag.

2. Next we decided on a team name, The Other Guys.

3. After that we decided who our team leader would be Jessica.

4. We then began working on our flag. We sent Bill to the Volunteer Center to make the stars, Kyle went to the fabric store to collect the fabric, Doni started the mission statement, and Jessica began creating the smore.

5. Then Kyle and Jessica went to get the store to get the rebel flag bandanas we chose for our recognition item and Bill and Doni began constructing the flag.

6. Our next step was to iron on the pieces of the flag to make the rebel flag effect we chose to complete our flag.

7. After completing all our tasks we took pictures of the team flag, team logo, and group. Jessica then finished the smore completing challenge one.