William Blackstone

The life of william blackstone

birthday and death date!!!

Sir William Blackstone was born in July 10,1723 in London England and died February 14,1780 in London England.

What impact did he have in !!!!!!!Amerika!!!!!!

William blackstone wrote the common law theory this document influence the declaration of independence.

Who was he???

He was very important in England and American laws he was also a lawyer and a jurist


So what happen to him??

In 1770 Blackstone refused the office of solicitor general but accepted that of judge of the Court of Common Pleas. In the 10 years of his judgeship he administered the law satisfactorily but attained no special distinction. Toward the end of the 1770s his health failed; he died in February 1780 and was buried by his wish in St. Peter’s Church.
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