Derek King

Geography or Rome

Rome is in Italy

Rome conquered all of Italy

Italy's geography was open and easy to invade

That's how the Romans invaded all of Italy

Rome Conquered Alot

Rome conquered so many places

For example: Carthage, Macedonia, Greece, and parts of Asia Minor

Rome had a very large government

Therefor they had many people to fight for them

Roman Laws

Rome had many laws

They had the Pax Romana

The Pax Romana was Roman Peace

They had the 12 tables

The 12 tables were the first written laws for Rome

Roman Architechure

Rome had very beautiful buildings

One of the most amazing buildings is the Calcium

The Romans had used the pillars

The Pillars are the support beams for a building in Rome

The Romans used the pillars for the support beams and to make the buildings pretty

Roman Art

The Roman Arts were very pretty

The Romans used a lot of the same concepts as Greece

For example: The Romans "borrowed" the pillars from Greece

Greece invented the pillars and Rome used them too

Rome had very lifelike sculptures and paintings

Romes Millitary

The Roman military were very unorganized

The military lacked training and discipline

Therefor the Romans didn't really fight because they wanted too

They fought because they had too

They fought because if they didn't they got excommunicated

Excommunicated meant that if you disobeyed you were dis-owned by the church or town