There are quite a few rules in softball. Some rules depend on what your age, so I will be doing rules for 12 year old kids (my age).
1. If you are a pitcher you must have both feet on the mound otherwise it is a no good pitch.
2.If you are going to steel on lead of the mound it must be after the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.
3.You get 3 strike and if you don't hit it your out
4.If you get 4 balls with are bad pitches you get to go to first base
5.Their are 3 outs in 1 inning

6.If there's a fly ball (the balls is in the air) and the other team catches it the batter is out and the runs must touch the base after the ball is caught

7. There are 9 infielders


Softball is so much fun. You get to play with your friends during summer, you do fun team stuff. If softball interests you, you should do it. I love soccer and softball and they do intersect but I would never give either up because they are both so much fun.