¡Bienvenidos estudiantes!

Welcome from Sra. Kilburn to NCVPS Spanish 2!

Welcome to your online Spanish 2 course! This spring we will be taking a virtual trip to the regions and people of Spain. You will learn about the country and the culture as you develop Spanish language skills. I think you will find it a wonderful and interesting place and it is my hope that you will all leave the course wanting to take a trip to Spain to try the food, hear the music, watch the fútbol, and meet the people.

There is A LOT of information about how the course works, the schedule, etc., here at the beginning to get us up and running. Please read these following sections carefully and get ready for a successful semester!

I look forward to working with you all,
Sra. K

First things first

  • Locate the Schedule of Assignments in the Daily Announcements and Course Information block at the top center of the moodle landing page. PRINT THIS OUT AND KEEP IN THE FRONT OF A SPANISH 2 NOTEBOOK OR BINDER. This is how you will keep track of assignments that you have yet to do. Use it as a check off list.

  • Next, locate the Grades link on the left margin under the Teacher information block. It is the midst of items under Administration and has a red check in front of it. Open that to see where and how you will be seeing your assignment grades.

  • Find the information block on your instructor at the top left corner for office hours, phone and text numbers, and codes for assignments in eLinguafolio (you will find out more about that in the Getting Started Unit)

RLC - Required Live Class

  • During the semester you will be required to attend one RLC per unit. To do this you will log into a virtual room on your computer and participate in one of the NCVPS Spanish instructors work the group throught the current unit. You will take notes and submit a write up after the class. This is done for a grade.

First RLC must be attended this week

On your course page you will find a NCVPS Calendar on the right side margin (see screen shot on left). On that calendar are the available sessions this week for the Getting Started RLC. Pick a time that works for you. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes to get into the room if this is your first time. Sometimes software downloads are needed to enter for the first time.

This is the link for entering the room. Practice download beforehand

This link is also on course page.

This week´s assignments

Getting Started in your NCVPS Spanish Course

  • _____ **Getting Started - Required Live Class**

  • _____ Getting Started Lesson w/ Final Quiz

  • _____ Academic Integrity Quiz

  • _____ What type of online learner are you?

  • _____ Getting Started with Blackboard IM

  • _____ How to complete an assignment (Uploading a file/document)

  • _____ How to complete an assignment (Voice Board)

  • _____ How to complete an assignment (Audio File Upload)

  • _____ How to check/send your teacher a message

  • _____ Getting Started with eLinguaFolio

_____ (Bienvenidos a Madrid ~ BBC Mi Vida Loca: Episodio 1)

Peer Tutoring Center - Contact the Peer tutoring center and find out how helpful they are!

You will see a tab on the top of your course "Peer Tutoring Center". Be sure to visit that tab these first days and find out how you can receive immediate help while working in the course.

Sra. Kilburn

  • Office hours Monday through Thursday 7:30 to 9pm