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A beginning

Operas are something that I have fell in love with. Operas are plays that are filled with high and low notes and are beautiful. I love the acting, the composers, the animals, the lighting, props, and the understudies.

Two famous operas : The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance

The first famous opera is called The Mikado. It was about how a boy named Nanki-poo has fallen in love with a girl named yum-yum. Unfortunately, she is engaged with her guardian named ko-ko .It was performed in 1885.The second famous opera is called The pirates of Penzance. It was also composed by Arthur Sullivan and it was about how a boy was apperenticed by pirates instead of a pilot due to misunderstanding of parents. With the pirates being tender-hearted , the boy didn't have any concern of his future. It was performed in 1881.

Animals in operas

There were not any animals in both Mikado or Pirates. But in other operas there would be horses, sheep, dogs, cats, and donkeys. But it was not easy controlling the animals. Sometimes the animals would hear something from offstage and run offstage or just start to freak out. Sometimes even when the ballets would be holding them by their leash the sheep would tug from them and lay down or sit on the stage. They would even go to the restroom on the stage. They were not allowed to be put on the stage or "perform" on stage until they were fully trained to listen to commands.


Like normal theater performances they would act as if they were having a normal life. But in operas they ALWAYS have to stand up straight for their diaphragm. Whenever there is a part in the opera when someone dies they would quickly replace the actor with a dummy. In the opera house there would be places and things to quickly change the setting, scene , or time of day. They would also go all out on EVERY scene.

The Reasons why Arthur composed The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance

The reason why Arthur composed The Mikado was to show Japan as a beautiful and colorful place. The characters, although, are coated by Victoria's "sight" of them. The reason why Arthur also composed The pirates of penzance was to represent Arthur's previous success, H.M.S, Pinafore. And also hoping to be his next success. "I think it will be a great success, for it's........." he said himself.


In the Victorian age stage lighting wasn't easy. They would light large candles from top to bottom of the stage. Fortunately, there would be a few actual lights from the top of the stage for support. The actors would apply enormous amounts of makeup to show their appearance and character. In 1849, An arc lamp was used to create a sunrise set to a stage effect in Paris opera's production of Meyerbeer's Le Prophete. Then after that in the 1890s the carbon arc lamp replaced the calcium light in the "modern" theater. The illusion is used in productions until the 2000s.

Making of Props

Making props were pretty hard in the Victorian age. But what they would do is something unique. In the upstairs of the opera house there would room where only a few are allowed to go. They would have to wear masks and goggles to prevent from getting clay dust in their lungs or eyes. First, they would put the clay into the needed prop and put it into a furnace for at least one or two days. Finally, they would use tools to get the mold out.


In the singing aka opera they would never call it understudying ; they would call it covering. The cover would have to have the same voice, tone, and even a similar appearance to the original singer. At the time covers would be given a few more rehearsals with a assistant director. Unfortunately, they would have a small pay and would be treated like trash. When the other actors or ballets would have their own rooms the covers would have to go back to their homes or somewhere near the costumes or ropes. Sometimes they would try to go to the ballets room/attic and would be immediately thrown out of the opera entirely. The most sad thing is that they would have leftovers for lunch and dinner.
Phantom Of The Opera (2004) -Think Of Me 720p (Emmy Rossum)

For Think of me

Sorry Ms.Hubbard i had to , but there is a reason why i have this video if you look at her diaphram it is perfectly straghit and the only thing she moves is her hands and arms.