By: Aidan

Basic info

My animal is lions. Lons classaifcation is a mammal. Lions are vertebrate and warm blooded. Lions body covering is fur and males have manes. A lions predator is a hyenas. How a lions moves in by moveing on it legs. lions give birth to live young.
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Lions live in Africa & Asia. Lions shelter is in the grass. Lions eat zebras, buffalo, wild animals. A lions water source is ponds

Life cycle

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Adaptations (parts to help animal survive)

Lions have sharp teeth to kill prey. Lions have a loud roar to scare off hyenas and other lions.

Interesting Facts

1. lions have strong sents of smell. 2. they protect their family . 3. they have strong ears. 4. The female lions protect the cubs. 5. they hide in grass. 6.their fur match the grass. 7. the mane protect the lion when fight. 8. the whate of the lion is about 500 lb. 9. lions give birth to 2 to 4 babies at a time.

Food Chain

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