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May 2016

May you grow in your UBAM business all summer long!

May is your springboard into an awesome summer of UBAM business! Start by booking some events for your summer now. This is a great time to host parties that encourage summer reading. You can have a summer Reach For The Stars reading challenge. There are daycares that have extra school age kids for the summer that may want a book fair. There are all sorts of groups looking to raise money and our Cards For A Cause program will be a perfect answer! Families need fun books for their upcoming road trip or plane ride for summer vacations. Host a book party playdate at the park! Have a mystery hostess party. New titles will be out soon! :-)

New Team Leader!!

Congratulations on your May 1st promotion to Team Leader with Usborne Books & More!

Emma Hartsog

Congratulations on a Qualifying Month toward Promoting to Team Leader!

Jennifer Seiler
Calayna Hohenberger
Ashlee Pudenz

Laura Fleming

Megan McClain

Jamie Thompson

You earned FREE Convention Registration + $25 MORE Store Certificate OR $150 in FREE Books!

Megan Smith
Karman Brinkman
Karissa Heine
Calayna Hohenberger
Erin Lenz
Betsy Goblirsch
Laura Doheny
Erin McGargill
Karena Zevely
Alison VanDyke
Sara Magnussen
Amy Benck
Stacey Ulferts
Ashlee Pudenz
Royanna Stratmoen
Melissa Miller
Angela LaFleur
Pamela Freeman
Erin Byrnes
Kyla Smith
Elizabeth McKenzie
Emma Hartsog
Bobbee Kornhoff
Kendra McDermed

You earned a Free Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S2!

Karman Brinkman

Erin Lenz

Megan Smith

Calayna Hohenberger

Karena Zevely

Alison VanDyke

Bobbee Kornhoff

Who's Earned a Spot in the President's Club?

Erin Lenz
Karman Brinkman
Royanna Stratmoen
Leighanne & Andrew Loges
Megan Smith

Elizabeth McKenzie

Alison VanDyke

Emma Hartsog

Welcome to New April Team Members!

Tamyia Benavidez by Alison VanDyke (VanDyke)

Kara Bush by Erin McGargill (McGargill)

Kathleen Cook by Megan McClain (Lenz)

Courtney Derton by Maria Gamboa (Cristinzio)

Laura Wittman by Emma Hartsog (McKenzie)

Liliek Hsiao by Alison VanDyke (VanDyke)

Stephanie Seidl by Jennifer Seiler (McKenzie)

Katherine Ueno by Riah Ellis (K. Smith)

Devin & Kimberly Malone by Megan Smith (M. Smith)

Amber King by Kimberly Mullen (Brinkman)

Meghan Hastert by Ashlee Pudenz (Lenz)

Liz Zoost by Royanna Stratmoen (Stratmoen)

Amber Oliveria by Ashlee Pudenz (Lenz)

Morgan Thompson by Megan McClain (Lenz)

Allison Neuman by Calayna Hohenberger (Lenz)

Jamie Brown by Jennifer Boysen (Lenz)

Stephanie Nichols by Laura Wittman (McKenzie)

Kathie Zoellner by Sarah Yoder (Lenz)

Emily Schamber by Erin Lenz (Lenz)

Reesa Anthofer by Ashlee Pudenz (Lenz)

Gretta Gonzales by Bobbee Kornhoff (Kornhoff)

Natasha Georgescu by Karena Zevely (Zevely)

Leslie Ckonjevic by Melissa Miller (Miller)

Erica Greiner by Stephanie Chalupa (Lenz)

Tina Meiers by Karman Brinkman (Brinkman)

Top Sales Leaders for April on The Brinkman Books Team

Congratulations on $1000+ in Sales & earning Home Office Challenge 1 - Set of 4 Branded Stadium Cups!
Keri Cisek $1008 (L)

Pamela Freeman $1013

Angela LaFleur $1014 (L)

Jennifer Boysen $1015

Stephanie Chalupa $1015

Kyla Smith $1016 (L)
Amy Mattson $1076

Karissa Heine $1092
Stacey Ulferts $1102

Laura Wittman $1170

Betsy Goblirsch $1172

Elizabeth McKenzie $1173 (L)

Leslie Grady $1180

Amy Benck $1233

Desiree Cristinzio $1301 (L)
Erin Byrnes $1305
Melissa Miller $1336 (L)

Royanna Stratmoen $1354 (L)

Alissa Pope $1375

Jennifer Seiler $1378

Sara Magnussen $1391

Kendra McDermed $1393 (L)

Laura Doheny $1430

Devin & Kimberly Malone $1510

Dorothy Swimm $1671
Elizabeth Medcalf $1716

Evelynn Ober $1772

Kimberly Mullen $1956
Calayna Hohenberger $2051

Stephanie Seidl $2061

Karena Zevely $2061 (L)

Karman Brinkman $2066 (L)

Bobbee Kornhoff $2073 (L)

Erin McGargill $2077 (L)

Laura Fleming $2196

Megan Smith $2236 (L)

Nicole Cochran $2269

Erin Lenz $2349 (L)

Megan McClain $2514

Ashlee Pudenz $2606

Alison VanDyke $2807 (L)

Emma Hartsog $2831

Jamie Thompson $2899

(L) Leader

Congratulations on earning Home Office Challenge 2 ~ Branded Acrylic Tray!

Calayna Hohenberger

Megan Smith

Bobbee Kornhoff

Alison VanDyke

Erin Lenz

Karman Brinkman

Megan McClain

Ashlee Pudenz

Erin McGargill

Emma Hartsog

Karena Zevely

Who's on the UBAM Leaderboards?

Top 50 ~ Central Group Sales
#16 Erin Lenz

Top 50 ~ Individual Recruiting

#39 Ashlee Pudenz

Top 50 ~ Central Group Recruiting
#22 ~ Erin Lenz

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Check This Out!

Each month I will feature a training on the Hawk Team training website to go check out!
Cards For A Cause Training
We have a great fundraising program available called Cards For A Cause. Find out more wit this training!

May Specials

Upcoming Events

National Hawk Team Meeting

Wednesday, May 4

Wednesday, June 15

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event, ask your Team Leader for an invite.

New Consultant Q & A

Wednesday, May 18
Wednesday, May 25
Wednesday, June 1

Wednesday, June 22

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for new consultants, ask your team leader for an invite

Business Opportunity

Monday, May 9

Monday, May 30

Monday, June 13

Monday, June 27

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for your potential recruits, please invite them (ask your Team Leader for an invite)

Leader Opportunity

Monday, May 23

Monday, June 20

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for those interested in finding out information about promoting to Team Leader, as your team leader for an invite

Local Team Meetings

Ask your team leader about available local team meetings in your area.

Regional Training Meetings

Regional Training Meetings are being planned for around the Country and will be open for everyone to attend.

Heartland Regional (Mishawaka, IN) – August 27, 2016

UBAM National Convention

June 9-11, 2016


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