1st Hawker Junior Girl Guides

Weekly Newsletter 25 2016

Week 10, Term 3 2016

Hi all... well, wasn't Mt Stromlo freezing but fascinating. Once again I was very pleased and proud of how the girls behaved.

This week... is the last week of term and we're going to Skyzone, Belconnen Mall. Please arrive no later than 5:45pm and we will be jumping from 6 - 7pm. Please wear you Guide shirts, no badges or sashes though. If you have your own Skyzone socks please bring them with you. Cost $10 if you have your own socks; $12 if you don't. Direct debit payment please to: 1st Hawker Junior Guides; Westpac acct; BSB: 032 778; Acct: 353 874.

Future weeks....

Term 3:

22-Sep Skyzone - notes have been distributed... if you haven't seen a note please let me know....

27-28 Sep Outdoors Holidays Program

Term 4 will commence on Thursday 13 October. We had originally planned to do another service on that night but given that we are planning our stall to fundraise for WWF we will change that to be a Leaders Surprise night...

Just a reminder...

Start time: Just a reminder that we like the girls to be at the hall by 5:20pm so that we can start on time which really helps us to finish on time. The girls should be in their Guide uniforms including sash, covered shoes and hat. They should also bring their Guide bag with badge books and handbook.

Questions: If you need to speak to Alkoomi about fees, forms, uniforms, badges or any other issue it is best if you can come a bit earlier or catch me after the meeting. I can usually stay for half an hour after the meeting is over (except for the 2nd Thursday of every month when I have a Region meeting that I need to attend which starts at 7pm in Yarralumla).

Lost property...

There is a pile of Lost Property on the bench as you walk into the Guide Hall. Please check the Lost Property regularly and take home any items that belong to your daughter.

Who are the leaders for 1st Hawker Junior Guides?


Is also the District Manager which means that she is responsible for all 5 units in Ginninderra District as well as the hall.

Has been a qualified leader for 15 years.

Has outdoor camping qualifications and has run about 25 camps.

Is currently studying for a Masters of Clinical Psychology at University of Canberra.


Was a Guide leader for many years in Young NSW.

She is Alkoomi's mum and was her Guide Leader.

Is an artist and photographer.

She has been a Unit Helper with 1st Higgins for 2015.

She is retired and spends a lot of time looking after Alkoomi.

Fairy Penguin

Just arrived in Australia from the UK and a very welcome addition to the Unit Leadership team.


Is a Senior Guide with Ginninderra Tassie Devil Senior Guides.

Is working towards her Queen's Guide award.

Has been a Guide for almost 6 years.


There are many badges that the girls can earn. They are outlined in a couple of places. Firstly, the Look Wide badge book (available from the Guide Shop for about $9) has details for the Explore a Challenge, Create a Challenge, and Achieve a Challenge badges. I have a copy of Look Wide and the appropriate pages can be photocopied it that is more convenient.

Secondly, the girls handbook (also available from the Guide Shop for about $20) has details of the Discover a Challenge badges.

There is also the Action Guide badge. The girls need to attend meetings regularly, attend 3 Guide events outside of unit meetings, and participate in 2 service activities to earn the Action Guide badge.

The girls can work towards these badges in their own time outside of Guides. We can also program time for the girls to do activities/challenges during Guide meeting times. Once the girls have decided what badge they want to earn, they need to think about what challenges they will complete to earn the badge. Generally, they need to complete 3-4 challenges per badge. The girls MUST discuss their chosen challenges with Alkoomi, Wandi or Bilby before starting to work on their badges.