Rhyming Link Up

Identifying Rhyming Words

Students will be able to identify rhyming words by linking up with a peer that has a rhyming word to the word they are given :)


1. Hand each student a card with a word on it.

2. Explain to students that they are going to find a partner/peer that has a rhyming word with their word.

3. Have students get up and find their partner by looking for a word that rhymes with their word.

4. Once they find their partner, they will discuss other words that rhyme with the words they have.

This activity was inspired by the "I Have, Who Has?" activity

  • Cards with words on them

Adaptations/Changing the Game Up

Option 1: Instead of having rhyming words to connect with, use conjunction words for students to pair up with. This time, there would be three per group. (Ex: One person has the word do, another person has the word not, and the last person has the word don't). This would be a great strategy to use for higher level thinkers.

Option 2: Place math facts on each of the cards and have students find the equivalent answer and/or equivalent fraction.