Normanby School Newsletter 22

Tuesday 24 November 2020

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Principal's Message

Tēnā koutou katoa – Warmest greetings to you all.

Yesterday we had several of our students representing our school at the annual Dixon Banner Athletics competition held at Ramanui School. Thank you to Clarissa Dravitzki, Kerri Cleary and Tina Hesketh who helped to ensure our students had a great day. We had some excellent results, with several children placing in their events. We also came 2nd overall in points which was an amazing effort!! Check out the results further in the newsletter.

As I said in previous newsletters, this year we have been working really hard as a team to improve the quality of writing across our school. We have worked with a facilitator to ensure we are targeting specific children and their ability to write purposeful pieces of writing which can be enjoyed by their audience.

Please keep encouraging your child to practise their writing skills at home. This could be in the form of a letter, postcard or email to a friend or family member.

You can also help your child by supporting them and being excited by their learning.

In each newsletter over this term I will give you some ideas that can be used at home according to the age and / or stage of your child. Over the last few weeks I have given you some ideas for young children in Years 0 to 4. Today we have some tips for children in Year 5. But of course these ideas can be used for any age and stage.

Year 5

Make writing fun

  • Help your child write about their heroes, sports events, tīpuna (ancestors), hobbies and interests. This helps them stay interested in what they are writing about.
  • Play word games and do puzzles together to help your child learn more about words and spelling.
  • Have interesting paper and pens available or help them make a special book to write in.
  • Write to your child, or give them jokes, cartoons or short articles you think they’ll like to read from the newspaper.
  • Play with words. Thinking of interesting words and discussing new ones can help increase the words your child uses when they write – look words up in the dictionary or on the Internet, or talk to family and whānau members to learn more about the background and the whakapapa (origins) of the words.
  • Be a great role model. Show your child that you write for all sorts of reasons. Let them see you enjoy writing.

Talk about their writing

  • Talk about ideas and information they are going to write about. Talk about experiences, diagrams, graphs, pictures, photos and material that your child is planning to use for school work. Discussing the information and main ideas can help their planning for writing and their understanding, too
  • Share enjoyment of their writing. Read and talk about the writing that your child does. Give praise for things they have done well to support their learning.
  • Play with words. Thinking of interesting words and discussing new ones can help increase the words your child uses when they write
  • Share your own writing with your child – lists, planning for family events or an email. You can help them to see that you too use writing for different purposes.
  • Keep writing fun and use any excuse you can think of to encourage your child to write about anything, anytime.

Give them reasons to write

  • Encourage your child to write emails, invitations, thank you letters, poems, stories or postcards to friends, family and whānau – make it fun.
  • Ask your child who they would like to write to. It is helpful if what they write is given or sent to others.
  • Ask them to write a story to read to a younger sibling.
  • A diary or journal – on paper or on a computer – can help your child to write about their experiences and their own feelings about things that have happened at school, at home, in the world, on the marae, at sports events and on TV.
  • Talk about what your child writes. be interested, If you don't understand something they are writing about, ask them to explain.

With only three weeks left of our school year, we have lots of end of year events coming up. Please read the newsletter and note down some of these dates in your calendar.

All the best for the remainder of this week and wishing you an awesome weekend ahead.

Ngā mihi nui

Janelle Jones


He rau ringa e oti ai

Many hands make light work

Encourages people to work together. It can be used to invite people to participate or to acknowledge the effort and work of many.

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Contents of this week’s newsletter

  • Welcome to Normanby School
  • New Enrolments
  • Drop Off / Pick Up Zone
  • Classes for 2021
  • 2021 Staff
  • Welcome to Geraldine Sumner
  • Community Consultation Survey
  • Year 6 Graduation Dinner
  • PTA Christmas Raffle
  • PTA Christmas Raffle Donations
  • End of Year Concert
  • Normanby School Athletics Results
  • Dixon Banner Results
  • School Hats
  • New Sports Tops For Sale
  • Week 7 Normanby Stars
  • Puanga Hub Big Day Out
  • Whanau Morning and School Assembly
  • Touch Rugby
  • Touch Rugby Draw for Thursday 26 November
  • Van Payments
  • November & December Birthdays
  • Last day of school for 2020
  • Term Dates 2021
  • Coming up in Weeks 7 & 8
  • Dates to put in your Diary
  • Secondhand Uniform
  • Community Notices

Welcome to Normanby School

This week we welcomed the following new students to Normanby School:

  • Gabriella and Korbyn Pitts - Gabriella is a Year 5 student and has joined Room 3, and Korbyn is a Year 3 student who has joined Room 8. The family have moved up from Wellington and have just shifted into a new home in Normanby. We look forward to getting to know Gabriella and Korbyn and their whanau.
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New Enrolments

To assist us with our forward class planning, please let the school know if you're planning on enrolling a child turning 5 years old in 2021. If you know of a new family who has just arrived in the area, please also pass this message onto them.

Thank you.

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Drop Off and Pick Up Zone

It is really important that we keep our children as safe as possible. We are noticing more and more people breaking the road rules outside our school. Please can you help to keep everyone safe by abiding the following guidelines:

1. Do not double park to let your child out of the car or to pick them up in the afternoon.

2. Please park your car and then come to the front gate to collect your child OR make arrangements for them to meet you at a pre-arranged place.

3. Do not call out to your children to cross the road. Staff are instructed to escort all children across the road and we do this in groups at a specific time. If you want your child to cross the road to get in your car, please get out of your car and come and collect your child and cross them yourself.

4. All children are to meet in Room 1 if they are crossing Hunter Street after school -we have three staff who escort the children and cross them. No exceptions.

5. All children who cross Waihi Road meet in Room 3. We have two staff who cross the children. These students MUST wear their high visibility vests - no exceptions.

6. Do not park in the NP area.

7. Do not park on yellow lines.

8. Do not park in the Mini Van area - this is marked by yellow lines

9. Do not park in the disabled park unless you are displaying the required disabled permit.

It is not the job of our staff to police the traffic before or after school. We would prefer not to have to speak to you about illegal parking. We would prefer that you follow the road rules.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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Classes for 2021

We are starting to look at classes for 2021. A lot of time and effort is put into ensuring we put children in the class that will best fit their needs. If you have specific information that you need to share regarding classes for 2021 please contact me asap. Once we make up the classes, as you can imagine, one change can have a ripple effect or upset the balance, therefore if we have a chat in advance, it alleviates this issue that can happen at a later date. Feel free to email me at I can call you or meet with you - whatever is the easiest for you.

2021 Staff

After going through the interviewing process, last week the Board of Trustees confirmed the appointments of the advertised teaching positions at Normanby School.

We are super excited to let you know we have the following two teachers joining our school:

Cameron Jones - permanent teaching position.

Geraldine Sumner - fixed term teaching position for 2021.

We have not confirmed teacher's classrooms yet, however, theses are the Hubs teachers will be teaching in during 2021

Matariki Hub (Years 0 to 3)

Jude Sklenars (Team Leader and Deputy Principal)

Geraldine Sumner

Amy Boyd (Term One only)

Samantha Dalley

Morgan Cowper

Puanga Hub (Years 3 to 6)

Tina Ryan (Team Leader)

Tash Campbell

Taylah Gilberd

Cameron Jones

Welcome to Geraldine Sumner

We are very pleased to welcome Geraldine Sumner to our school for 2021. Geraldine was asked to write a little bit about herself for our newsletter:

"Tena Koutou katoa

Ko Geraldine Sumner toku ingoa

Ko Hawera ahau

I have being living in New Zealand for thirteen years (originally from England) and have been teaching for over twenty years. I have taught in Auckland, Thames and Hastings before moving to Hawera.

I have a real passion for the Junior school, special needs students, as well as gifted and talented teaching. I love Art, Science, Design and Technology.

I have always found teaching rewarding and it brings me a lot of joy. I am very passionate about ensuring our tamariki have a firm foundation in literacy and numeracy.

I have been married to Richard for 34 years and have two grown up daughters. I love dogs, cooking and painting any kind of crafts which I love to share with the children.

I am really looking forward to joining the Normanby team in the new year."

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Community Consultation Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Community Consultation Survey. This information helps us to set goals for the future and also enables us to review how effective we are in providing a quality education for your child / children at Normanby School.

As promised, today we drew out a name of parent who participated in the survey:

Congratulations to Renee Roberts for winning the $100 Warehouse Voucher.

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Year 6 Graduation Dinner

On Monday 7 December we will be holding our special Graduation Dinner and Presentation evening. A separate letter will be going home to all Year 6 families with invitations and details about the evening, but in the meantime, here are the times so that you can plan around this special event. There is no cost for the children. We hope all Year 6 children can attend.

5.15pm Year 6 students start to arrive at school

5.30pm Photos of Year 6 students

6pm Dinner

7.30pm Year 6 presentations (whanau are invited to this part of the evening).


Tickets for the PTA Christmas raffle were sent home yesterday, Monday 23 November. They are $1 each and are due back at school on Friday 4 December.

If you sell these before this date and would like more tickets, please send the tickets and money in and request another book of tickets from Kay in the office.


From Wednesday 25 November until Monday 7 December, we would really appreciate donations being sent to school for our Christmas Raffle.

Each child who brings in an item for the raffle gets 200 points for their House. Plus they get their name in a draw for some daily prize draws.

The Christmas Raffle will be drawn at our End of Year concert on Thursday 10 December.

On Wednesday 2 December we will be holding a Mufti Day - children can either bring an item for the Christmas Raffle or make a money donation towards buying goods for it. The theme for the Mufti Day is "Kiwiana".

End of Year Concert

The theme for this year's End of Year Concert is "Kiwiana" and is being held on Thursday 10 December. The concert starts promptly at 7pm. All children need to be at The Hub no later than 6.30pm please.

Normanby School Athletics Results

We had a very successful two days of Athletics and Tabloids Sports recently. It was great to see so many parents and whanau coming along to encourage their child/ children in the events. Thank you to those parents who helped out on the day as this really does mean that events can happen more smoothly. Thank you also to Clarissa Dravitzki and Tina Ryan for their excellent organization of the days. Well done to all of our children for doing their personal best.

Congratulations to the children below who are our Normanby Athletics STARs.

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Dixon Banner Athletics Results

Yesterday some of our students were chosen to represent our school at the annual Dixon Banner Athletics Competition. We are thrilled with the overall results with only one point between 1st and 2nd. .

School Points - Top Schools

1st Turuturu School 44 points

2nd Normanby School 43 points

3rd equal Tawhiti and St Joseph's Schools 40 points

Boys Championships

3rd Kordae Ross


9 year Boy Sprints

1st Nate Wards

10/11 year Girl Sprints

3rd Lucy Fearnley

Long Jump

8 year Girl Long Jump

3rd Keoni Ratahi

9 year Boy Long Jump

1st Nate Wards

10/11 year Boy Long Jump

1st Marius Aholelei

High Jump

8 year Boy High Jump

1st equal Nixon Holdem

10/11 year Boy High Jump

1st Kordae Ross

Shot Put

8 year Boy Shot Put

2nd Anthony Smith

8 year Girl Shot Put

2nd Keoni Ratahi

9 year Boy Shot Put

1st Connah Laupama

9 year Girl Shot Put

1st Simulata Aholelei

2nd Kayla Hori

10/11 year Boy Shot Put

1st Marius Aholelei

10/11 year Girl Shot Put

1st Samara Stewart

2nd Nevaeh Ratahi

School Hats

All students are required to wear a bottle green bucket hat during Term One and Term Four.

We are doing another order of the embroidered hats with your child's name, for a total cost of $15, ready for Term One 2021.

If you would like to order one, please make payment into the school bank account quoting 'hat' and the name you would like embroidered.

Normanby School Board of Trustees

15 3950 0406446 03

There are three sizes available which can be viewed at the office. Orders close on Friday 4 December.

New Sports Tops

We have our new Sports Tops available from the office if you would like to purchase one for your child.

These can be worn on any sports related days at school such as Athletics. They are $40.

Please make payments to the following account. Please use your child's name and quote "Sports Top" as a reference so we can easily identify your payment. Thank you.

Normanby School Board of Trustees

15 3950 0406446 03


Congratulations to or Normanby STARS who will receive a class certificate or Principal's Certificate and a Duffy Book at our School Assembly on Friday.

Class Certificates

Mr Jones choice: Acacia Cook

Room 2: Kyin Crawford

Room 3: Kaden Thomas

Room 4: Kyra Ranford

Room 5: Te Rau Anderson

Room 6: Jai Epae

Room 7: Leroy Ashby

Room 8: Dihanna Snooks

Welcome: Joseph Karena, Gabriella Pitts, Korbyn Pitts.

Principal's Certificates (Plus a Duffy Book Prize)

Displaying perseverance towards gaining success

Mr Jones choice: Zavier Augustine

Room 2: Jaylen Marshall-Ngeru

Room 3: Vinzel Evergreen

Room 4: Emma Apera

Room 5: Ella Robinson

Room 6: Tawera Leatherby

Room 7: Hope King

Room 8: Corban Ranford


Details of the day is as follows:

When: Friday 4 December

Where: New Plymouth

Transport: Weirs Bus plus one emergency vehicle

What: Bowlarama – Ten Pin Bowling/ Mini Golf / Todd Aquatic Centre

Time: 8am to 4.30pm

Payment for the $50 fee for this optional activity is due on Friday 27 November please.

Payment can be made through our school bank account:

Please use your child's name and quote "Puanga Hub Big Day Out" as a reference so we can easily identify your payment. Thank you.

Normanby School Board of Trustees

15 3950 0406446 03


This week on Friday 27 November you are welcome to join us for whanau morning from 8.30am. Check out what your child has been doing in their classroom. At 9.10am we have our School Assembly run by the Student Leaders and Room 2 will be presenting an item. Everyone welcome.


Touch Rugby Reminders

Please ensure your child arrives 20 minutes prior to the start of their game.

If your child cannot play for whatever reason, please let the coach or Team Manager know in plenty of time so they have enough children to play.

Practice Times:

  • Year 3/4 Normanby Titans Wednesday 2 to 3pm (At School)
  • Year 5/6 Normanby Panthers Wednesday 2 to 3pm (At School)
  • Year 3/4 Normanby Broncos Wednesday 3 to 4pm (At School)
  • Year 5/6 Normanby Warriors Wednesday 3 to 4pm (At School)
  • Year 1/2 Normanby Roosters Thursday 2.30 to 3pm (At School)
  • Year 1/2 Normanby Eels Thursday 3.30pm to 4pm (Turuturu Soccer Fields)

Touch Rugby Draw for Thursday 26 November

Year 1 & 2 Teams

Normanby Roosters play Araukuku at 4pm on Field 2A

Normanby Eels play Tawhiti TRex at 4pm on Field 3A

Year 3 & 4 Teams

Normanby Titans play Matapu Muscle at 4.35pm on Field 10A

Normanby Broncos play Hawera Roosters at 4.35pm on Field 3B

Year 5 & 6 Teams

Normanby Warriors play Matapu Mustangs at 5.10pm on Field 7

Normanby Panthers - no Game as Ngati Tu have defaulted.

Van Payments

All families who choose to use the school vans will have received an invoice for Term Four. The bank account number for van payments was changed at the beginning of Term Three. Please ensure you put the money into the correct account. Full time users take precedence for the van.

We currently have a waiting list so please ensure you let Kay in the office know asap if there are any changes to your circumstances.

All van payments are made to: -

Normanby School Office

TSB: 15 3950 0406446 03

November & December Birthdays

Happy birthday to the following children and staff who have their birthday coming up in November and December.

Thursday 26 November - Connah Laupama - 10 years old

Friday 27 November - Mrs Whyte

Monday 30 November - Isabella Ogle - 11 years old

Sunday 6 December - Bella Ruffle - 9 years old

Tuesday 8 December - Bella Fabish - 6 years old

Wednesday 9 December - Havana Brown-Hazeldine - 9 years old

Friday 11 December - Tyler Baylis - 7 years old

Saturday 12 December - Phoenix Green - 9 years old

Sunday 13 December - Nahina Taupo - 7 years old

Monday 14 December - Akeelah Laupama - 9 years old

Monday 14 December - Ethan Long - 9 years old

Saturday 19 December - Lucian Kelly - 11 years old

Monday 21 December - Sativa Browne - 8 years old

Wednesday 23 December - Ella Robinson - 6 years old

Tuesday 29 December - Larney Corrigan - 6 years old

Thursday 31 December - Danni Franzen - 7 years old

Last Day of School for 2021

A reminder that the last day of school for 2021 is:

Wednesday 16 December at 12noon


Here are the Term Dates for 2021.

Monday 1 February School Office opens at 8am

Friday 5 February Head Start Hui (Learning conferences / setting goals)

Monday 8 February Waitangi Holliday

Tuesday 9 February All children at school

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Coming Up in Week 7 and 8

What's happening in Week 7?

Wednesday 25 November

Life Education

Student Council Meeting at 1.50pm

Touch Rugby practices

Thursday 26 November

Happy Birthday to Connah Laupama - 10 years old today

Life Education

Kapa Haka Performance Group at 11.50am

Touch Rugby

Friday 27 November

Happy Birthday to Mrs Whyte

Whanau Morning from 8.30am

School Assembly at 9.10am

What's happening in Week 8?

Monday 30 November

Happy Birthday to Isabella Ogle - 11 years old today

Happy Birthday to Amber Jordan - 5 years old today

Nativity Play at 9.30am

Student Council meeting at 1.50pm

Tuesday 1 December

Kapa Haka Performance Group at 11.50am

Special treat for Student leaders - lunch provided

Wednesday 2 December

Mufti Day - Kiwiana Theme - donation for our Christmas Raffle

Touch Rugby practices

Final PTA meeting for the Year at 6.30pm

Thursday 3 December

Touch Rugby Games

BOT meeting at 6.30pm

Friday 4 December

Puanga Big Day Out

Last day to order named hats for Term One 2021

Sunday 6 December

Happy Birthday to Bella Ruffle - 9 years old today

Dates to Put in Your Diary

Friday 4 December - Puanga Hub Big Day Out

Monday 7 December - Year 6 Graduation Dinner and Celebration

Thursday 10 December - End of Year School Concert 7pm

Tuesday 15 December - School Prize-giving at 10.30am

Wednesday 16 December - School finishes at 12noon.

Secondhand Uniform

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