Lineville Technology

by daniel kozak

Typing Web

I learned in typing Web to type faster and more diligently. Also what i didn't like how it was so long for the last quiz at the end it was so long. One fact is that it helps make you a better type-er. I also learned that it takes time and if you go to fast you might get a letter wrong. Last but not least it is divide into sections.


Itrailer was fun it was hard at first but once you get used to it it was fine sealing The app is massive and popular to use. Three things I learned is you can make what it says a trailer for a movie that you can made. Also you can add pictures/ video to show your point. what i was having trouble was with the picture to get in because i had to get it from my mom email. The last fact is that itriler can go to 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was cool do do and learn about other peoples dreams jobs. Three things i learned was that you need to finish collage, also i learned that it is hard to get jobs you really need to work for it. The last thing is you have to follow your heart because you don't want a job you don't like

Go Animate

I learned in Go Animate lots of facts about sports/ other stuff like basketball. Three things i facts i learned in go animate is in world war 2 the U.S bomb japan with 2 atomic bombs. Another fact is that Go Animate has lots of props to do with the video. Last but not least Go Animate was fun!

Career Locker

Caeer Locker loved how i could look up a collage and find it. One fact i learned is that theirs lots of collages to go to. And theirs so many facts about jobs. The last fact is that there are tons of jobs to look at

Explain Everything

I liked the way we could learn about math problems and explain it. Three facts are you can do voice recordings. Fact 2 is you can do it in section. Fact three is you can get lots pictures in the camera roll.