The Lightning Thief

By: Rick Riordan


If you like Greek Mythology Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series is the book for you. Percy is a half blood which is a child who's father or mother is a greek god and they fall in love and have children.


Perseus Jackson knows he is a half blood but doesn't know who his father is. One day his mom takes him to a beach and they are attacked by a monster and rushes to a mysterious place called "Camp Half-Blood" He finds out who his father is and has to go retrieve his Uncle Zeus's master lightning bolt.

Opinion of the book

I think this book is awesome it has been my favorite book in the series so far. I am currently on book three "The Titan's Curse" I always had to stop at the most intense stuff. I think if you love Greek Mythology this is the series for you. This series gives you a whole different opinion on Greek Mythology. Like some people think that it was all violence and not any good times but this series proves them wrong.


I have a text to self with this book because every time I go to the ocean it feels like I can control it like Percy. Another connection is a text to Cinema with a movie called Hercules because Hades is tried to kill Percy just like he tried to kill Hercules.


I recommend to Rick is to tell a little bit more about the other characters like Grover all he said was that Grover was Percy's best friend and was a Greek Mythology animal and partly human. Another thing I recommend is that he doesn't really give much detail to the places they go.