My yearbook resume

Hayley Murguia (Editor)

Info about me

I am 13 years old and I love to read, play the cello, and I play volleyball. I could be described by the song "Spontaneous Me" by Lindesy Stirling, it is a violin song with no words, but the happy beat and the beautiful notes and the passion the artist has for her violin is how I feel when I play the cello and describes me in an abstract way. I am interested in the job of editor. I know I could do well and execute the job efficiently. I have an administrative ability and I am a good leader, I know when to get down to business, and I accomplish things with excellence. If selected for this job I would carry it out to the best of my ability, and always be focused on the task at hand. I am responsible and I enjoy working with others. Please consider me for this job.
 Some more fun facts about me: I am very involved in my church and I love Jesus! I really like watching documentaries, I eat hot tomales like there is no tomorrow, I really like the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Matched series, I am a runner, and I like to bake                                                                                                                    
My three best qualities are:

My creativity

My helpfulness

My kindness