Zac & Mia

By: A.J. Betts

Statement: Sometimes friendship is the best medicine for the loneliness of cancer.

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5 connections to Anatomy

Cancer: In class we learned a lot about diseases and their effects on the body. Since this book was entirely based off of this disease, it reflected off what we learned in anatomy and how it affects different people.

Blood Cells: In anatomy we learned a lot about blood cells and their importance in the body. Leukemia, the type of cancer Zac has, is one of the main cancers that is caused by white blood cells not being able to fight infections. In class we spent time talking about blood in the human body.

Painkillers: Throughout class we learned a lot about different doctors remedies to keep their patients healthy and try to fight diseases. Painkillers are mentioned a lot throughout the novel due to the harshness of cancer. In anatomy, we have briefly learned about medicine usage and how doctors use certain procedures for their patients.

Death: The depressing side of cancer is that it can possibly lead to death, which is frequently brought up in the book between Zac & Mia. In class we talked about what can cause death and unhealthy habits, which can shorten ones life span. We also have experimented on dead animals letting us learn about how the body decays.

Bones: A lot of different types of cancers start in bone marrow (the fatty substance in the cavities of bones) where blood is produced. Mia, for instance, has her cancer located in the lower leg. In class we learned about bones and their functions to the body.

Personal Opinions

I really enjoyed this novel because it ended up surprising me. When I first started reading the book I thought the two cancer patients were going to fall in love, but they didn’t. This book was entirely based off the power of friendship, which I liked very much. Even though I wasn’t in love with the characters, it was interesting to see how their connection dispelled some of the side affects of cancer by not having to face it alone. Lastly, I enjoyed how the author, A.J. Betts, knew her facts about cancer and continuously mentioned valuable scientific information to keep the reader aware of the realness of the disease.

By: Sydney Pickett, 1st Period Anatomy