British Virgin Islands

Capital: Road Town

Other Well-known Cities in this Country

  • Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
  • Brewer's Bay, Tortola
  • The Bath's, Virgin Gorda
  • The Settlement, Anegada
  • White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

Language & Symbols Representing This Territory

Language: The main language of this country is English. This is due to the fact that the territory is owned by the British, whose main language is English. The English spoken is somewhat broken due to the heavy accent passed down from ancestors.

Symbols: When the British Virgin Islands is envisioned, you think of fungi bands, fungi & fish, the turtle dove, and the white cedar. They are the territorial music, the territorial dish, the territorial bird, and the territorial tree respectively.

Norms and Values

This country is culture based. Everyone knows everyone's family and looks out for that person's child. Most churches are of the Christian denomination. There is nothing really inappropriate in this country. Teenage pregnancy would be the biggest "No No" but you are not punished with nothing but shame on yourself and your family. There are no children restrictions, only alcohol which is not to be consumed before the age of 18. Most people are just known to be caring and live a regular everyday life. Their slogan is "Nature's Little Secret" due to them being such a small territory that people continue coming to once someone tells them of their great experience there. There are a lot of fungi and calypso bands and the youths may go to these parties or "jams" to enjoy themselves sometimes as frequent as every weekend.

Interesting Facts