American Identity in the 1980's


A Blossoming Country

America in the 1980's was morphing into anew. They were many changes taking place during this period, and it was greatly perceived as a period of transition that produced the more modern lifestyle, and many of the classics, we so thoroughly enjoy today.

The Struggle With Communism

United States vs. Soviet Russia

The Cold War officially extended all the way through 1991 until the last of the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, it was greatly thawed through the 80's. Although the two countries still disliked each other during this time, which is visible through each boycotting the other's Olympics, there was a immense amount of ground made. This is evident through Reagan signing multiple agreements with them practically destroying and reversing the arms race. As well as the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which, for all intents and purposes, ended the Cold War.

The Environmental Movement

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

In the 1980's the environmental movement really blossomed to the forefront of most Americans minds. With the increase of emissions due to rise of industry and cars, and disasters including Chernobyl, Mt. St. Helens, and the U.S. Drought of 1988, companies like "Earth First!" began popping up to curb the unwanted effects. Companies like these spread the word, and educated fellow Americans on the fact that every decision has an impact, good or bad.

The Classics

Pop Culture

Many of the classics that we and our parents can dually enjoy were born during the 80's. During this time Michael Jackson's second solo album "Triller" was released on route to his journey of becoming the pop King. Also, the second Star Trek movie "Wrath of Khan" was released in 1982, which saved face for the movie industry of the show as the prequel left more to be desired. Supreme athletes made their debuts in this time with Michael Jeffrey Jordan turning pro in 1984, and Bo Jackson turning pro twice (Football: 1987 Baseball: 1986). Lastly, the simpsons debuted in 1987 as a short film on "The Tracy Ullman Show" however it soon became so popular that it was converted into its own show in 1989.

Bo Jackson

KC@BAL: Bo Jackson catches ball, runs up wall

It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy

1980's Fashion

In the 1980's people were trying to find different and unique ways to express their different and unique selves. However, not only did they have to display themselves in such a manner, but they had to make sure everybody knew it. And with that Underoos (you'll see), Knickers (parachute pants meets capris), patterned shoelaces, overalls, and leg warmers were born. However, once more, apparently there was a national memo that banned all classical and simple and required anything not named overalls to be nothing other than neon, because one must properly express oneself and no other palette shall do.


1980 Underoos Underwear Commercial


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