Origin and importance

Netscape was a navigator and it was announced on October 13 of 1994, the had two types of versions, beta 1.0 and beta 1.1 and on December of 1994 the first version of beta 1.0 was available. this navigator make his use free because they said that the internet don´t should had cost. in 1997 was available the 2.0 version and was the first navigator that include script language; and was develop by Netscape communications and operating subsidiary of AOL.

The importance of these navigator are that was one of the first navigator, have the script language, good videos and was the more advance.

How they are used

Netscape was used to make the people use the internet, these navigator have a lot of develop, was the first of have java, script and a high quality in his videos and in the information that the navigator had.

what people were behind them

the navigator was created by Marc Andreessen, an investor Jim Clark and Silicon Valley, also a investor company Kleiner Perkins and invest 5 millions on the 20 percent of the company, also Jim Barksdale and was one of the brain of Netscape

how are they changing lives/did change?

Netscape change lives because these navigator starts more browsers that in the present help the world to develop every day more and more, making that all the things where more easy to find, easy to learn, easy to know and Netscape have a part of the guilt of all the develop of the internet, browsers, and technological development, and the lives before the internet is not the same that the lives from the present (2015)

What is the future of these websites/technology.

Netscape on July 14 of 2003 announced that the company was going to withdraw all personnel working on development version of mozilla Netscape, that means that the company finish with the agreement of AOL that use the version of internet explorer in the future software versions, and that make the end of Netscape as a entity and relegated to little more than a historical footnote. Netscape don´t have future because the company is not now in the actuality