The Hunger Games

By: Lily Mulinix

when the book came out

The first Hunger Games book came out in 2008 when Suzanne Collins the athour wrote the book for the frist time and now it is a movie too so peole and read and wach the Hunger Games. The genre it came for is science fiction I know this because the people in the story are not real becaucse they are different people with different names for the story.

Hunger Games characters

The main characters in the Hungry Games book are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark

here are some characters from the Hunger Games book

Some more information about the book

Four persuasvie language in the Hunger Games book

Their are four persuasive language for this book are




4.heart pounding

Thoose are the four this boook.

what kind of conflict this book is

The Hunger Games conflict is person vs. person. The people are killing other people to win the Hunger Games to be ether the king/qween of the Hunger Games.

where you can find the Hunger Games book and movie

You can find the Hunger Games book in the libary and you can find the movie at a home town libary,story,movie theater and more places.