Travel Guide for Planet Earth




Mt. Everest is 29,028 feet and Mt. Everest is 60 years old. Wail you are there you have some opportunities are mounting climbing but be safe and you can go skiing with your friend. But there are some challenges of being on the biggest mountain are trying to farm or make a house. Packing list

* Hot gear

*Freeze food

*fresh water

# If you don't like the cold then go to the Sahara Desert

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We spate the Earth in contents there are seven of them and they are.

* North America

*South America






We also separate the Earth in countries and there are 196 in the world.

Time Zone

The time zone of the Sahara desert UTC 00:00

The time zone of the Mt.Everest +5:45

Sahara desert

The Sahara desert is the biggest desert in the world some opportunities in the desert is offroading and ride a camel find gold. Some challenges in the desert is having enough water and food or the dangers animals such as scorpions and huge camel spiders. Some tips are bring a weapon bring fresh water have a house with cold air.

Packing list




*cold air

# Man if you don't even like the desert either you should love this one

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Pacific Ocean

The Pacific ocean is the biggest water mass in the world and has salt water in it. Some opportunities of being on the Pacific ocean are boating and fishing those are what are popular to. Some challenges of being on the Pacific ocean is not having a boat and sea monsters non fresh water tsunami's are the worst.

Packing list


*water prof clothing

*life jackets


# I hope you love Planet Earth

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By.Gavin M Calkins I hope you love Planet Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!