Austinville Elementary School

February 1 - 5 News

Regional ARI Support Staff Assists Students with Short Response Questioning for ACT Aspire

Making the Most of our Days: Countdown to Testing

Mrs. Wendy Burns visits Austinville's classrooms periodically to work with students and model reading lessons for teachers. Monday's visit to the classrooms gave students some additional assistance in preparing for the upcoming spring ACT Aspire Reading test. Groups of students worked with a passage, a question with several responses and a grading rubric. Students graded the responses based on the rubric and discussed their findings with Mrs. Burns, Reading Coach, Nancy Johnson, and their teachers.
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Nurse Tracy Conducts Scoliosis Testing for Fifth Graders

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Nurse Tracy shared a video with fifth grade classes prior to Friday's spinal screening. Before she began their exams, she explained how she would exam their spine. This visual test checks for spinal deformities such as scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis. The purpose is to recognize at the earliest stages, any deviation from normal, so that the need for treatment can be determined. The nurse observes the child's posture while standing and bending forward. If any abnormality is suspected, the parents will be sent a notification letter indicating the need for further evaluation by the child's physician. Spinal screening is required, annually by law for school children in the state of Alabama at grades 5 through 9.

STAR Progress Monitoring Every Two Weeks Tracks Student Achievement

Pre-K Loves to Exercise . . . and FREEZE!

Kindergarteners Have Mastered Their Basic Exercises

Students Continue to Enjoy Playing Instruments with Dr. G

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Mrs. Hamilton's Fourth Grade Science Students Study Electric Circuits

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Mrs. Hayes' Writing Students Practice Typing Skills on their Netbooks as they Prepare for Spring Assessments

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New Clubs Begin for Second Semester

Gee's Bend Quilters Coming Soon

This February, the Gee’s Bend quiltmakers will come to Decatur! This is the second part of the artist lineup from Mrs. Beth Young's grant. All members of the Decatur area are invited to participate in the events.

Gee’s Bend is a small community near the Alabama River in Wilcox County. It was once deemed as one of the most impoverished communities in the nation. Quilts were in high demand here because for most of the 20th century, residents lived in unheated shacks that lacked running water and electricity. In the late 1960's, the quilts got their first national exposure through the Freedom Quilting Bee in Camden. In the latter part of the 20th century Atalanta museum curator, William Arnett “discovered” them and became a catalyst by putting their art in museums around the country. They are now international stars. Their art can be seen in major museums throughout the world, including the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Their art is often compared to the art of modern artists such as Klee or Mondrian. They have an amazing attitude of “take what life gives you and make the most of it.”

January 4-March 31

The Carnegie Museum of Art will exhibit Gee’s Bend Quilts Free! (This could be a great field trip!)

February 7 There will be a quilter’s turn at the Morgan County Archives at 2:00. The entire community, young and old are invited! Food! Fun! It’s a quilt show and tell. Bring a favorite quilt and tell its story.

February 14 The quilters will attend Cannan Missionary Baptist church in Hillsboro. This will be a great way to meet them.

February 15 The quilters will be at the Decatur Public Library to sign books.

Mark Your Calendar!


  • 4 - Progress Reports Went Home
  • 8 - STAR Testing (Reading) Week
  • 15 - President's Day - Schools Are Closed
  • 16 - STAR Testing (Math) Week
  • 19 - Clubs
  • 22 - ACT Aspire Practice Testing Week