Bangladesh Water Crisis

Problem in Bangledish

Bangladesh is filled with 158,512,570 people but 60% of the population has unsafe drinking water. Over 80% of freshwater that is available is used on agriculture and most of the remaining is contaminated from salt and arsenic. Also the great amount of water from the monsoon season is not able to be contained for the drier months which are usually in a drought.

Freshwater & Groundwater

There are 3 freshwater rivers in Bangladesh, they are Brahmaputra, Meghna, and Ganges. The salinity of these rivers is increasing causing the water to become unsafe to drink. The salinity is rising because climate change has caused rising sea level which increases salinity of river deltas. Also an increase in shrimp farms is causing the salinity to rise too.

Only 7% of the land that makes up the watershed is in Bangladesh and most of the groundwater is contaminated with arsenic. This is a huge problem because 90% of Bangladeshis use groundwater as a water resource.

Pictures Of Bangladesh


They could find a different water source.

Find a way to store water from monsoon season.

Build a dam.

Stop shrimp farms.