10 Habits of Self Made Millionares

By: Kyle Kniep, Paige Miles, and Jacob Kasprak

Millionaires are Frugal

  • Wealthy people are cheap
  • For example they buy a Toyota instead of a BMW

Millionaires Think Big

  • Millionaires expect to become rich
  • Instead of looking forward to a pay raise they look forward to becoming the boss

Millionaires Network

  • Before millionaires become rich they form connections with powerful people
  • They know how to use these people to work their way up to the top
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Millionaires Think Smart

  • Millionaires save money often and make smart investments
  • They sacrifice everything in order to become successful

Millionaires are Focused

  • Millionaires will work as much as they need in order to become successful
  • In order to get to the top or stay at the top they will continue to educate themselves as much as possible