Project Based Learning

For BYOD and 1-1 Schools

Rita Ayers, i21Zone Specialist, Chalkable

Giving Students Choices

We don't give students a set of watercolors and tell them to color everything blue. Yet, we frequently limit their options when it comes to showing us what they have learned.

BYOD and 1:1 classrooms can provide teachers the flexibility to allow their students choices when assigning projects. Every student may not have the same apps as their classmates, so instead of requiring the students to use a particular app or website, why not give them a choice? You will find that student engagement and creativity will increase when students are given the freedom to use different tools to deliver content.

Free Resources for Video Projects

Here are three examples of a project about President John F. Kennedy. The examples contain the same content, however, the information is presented in a different format in each project.

Make Your Own Cartoon Network

Create an Interactive InfoGraphic with ThingLink

Use ThingLink to develop a lesson or let students replace paper-based assignments like posters, models, or reports. Here's a sample about my hometown.

Free Resources for Web Projects

All of these allow teachers or students to design web pages quickly using templates.

Examples of other assignments that give students choices:


Use the Camera on their Device as a Scanner

Instead of waiting for a slow scanner to scan in page after page of a document, just snap pictures and create a multi-page PDF with any of a number of free apps. One good one is Genius Scan.

Here's a link to a huge list of ideas for how to use Genius Scan (or any other device "scanner" for that matter.)

19 Mind-Blowing Tips to Outshine the Kids

Ok, my mind wasn't blown, but I did learn some cool tricks!

21 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

Some of these are the same as the earlier 19 tips - but there are some fun new ones in there too!

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