Have you ever been outer space? If not now is your chance

The Planets We Are Exploring...

The first planet that we will be discovering will be the Moon where we will be very careful because the is no gravity so we have equipped you with the latest gravity defeater space craft, (will take us 7 hours to get to the moon)........ The second planet will be Saturn and we have equipped with you heated or cooled seats that you can automatically change with a press of a button.... Our last and final planet will be the Sun, we cannot get too close to it because of the dangerous heat level but we can still get an amazing view of it.

When and where are we leaving???

Sunday, Aug. 11th 2013 at 9am

Kennedy Parkway North

Space Center, FL

You must be able to make it to Nasa Shuttle Landing facility by around 7:00am so that we can prepare you and to show you whats going to happen. There will be an aeroplane coming to Australia to collect you if you like for free


7:00am: Arrive at Nasa

7:15am: Start learning about the aircraft

7:45am: Get dressed into space suit

8:30am: Short snack break

9:00am: Enter Space craft and prepare for lift off

7:00pm (five days later) will arive back at nasa