See and Do More with Seesaw!

Designed for kindergarten and first grade by Kirsten Lofton

See and Do More with Seesaw

This session takes ideas from your Unit 3 curriculum and merges them with Seesaw. Explore hands on ways to use Seesaw with your students. My brother, Ryan, says, "The cake may look good, but you don't know how tasty it is until you take a bite!"

First, sign into our Seesaw PD class. Then, you can explore each Seesaw station. Instructions are displayed on each table. I am here to assist you, as needed. Some tables have extra activities. You are welcome to try one or all of the activities on the table. Add your name and school as a caption on the items you submit. Be sure to put your item in the station folder with the correct number.

When you do these Seesaw station activities, you'll be prepared for your students to try them. Be sure and submit each item to our Seesaw PD class.

All of the activities and ideas are in this Smore. You are welcome to take pictures of the activities. You can also email yourself an example.

At the end of the session, I have a drawing for a Seesaw T-Shirt. The winner will be selected from the items you submit with your name and school on it. One of the stations has been selected to draw a name from. Have fun learning and try to get to them all!

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Reading and Language Arts

Here are some ideas you can use in reading and language arts for Seesaw.



Social Studies

Padlet of Ideas for Using Seesaw in the Primary Classroom