POHW After Poster

by Maris Smith

1. Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the end, Hollis is happy to be a part of the Regan family. She has a lot of fun with them and enjoys being part of a family

"you bring us luck," she says.

So there are five of us now: a mother, a father, a brother, and two sisters.

a family. (page 166)

2. Hollis meeting new people

In the middle of the book Hollis gets moved in with Josie. Before Josie, she lived with the Stucco women. Hollis and the Stucco women had a lot of problems. When Hollis met Josie, they were best friends in an instant.

she loves me, though, I know that, and always reaches up to touch my cheek. Sometimes I wear her brown hat with the veil, and then i see recognition in her eyes. "Hollis," she says. "You saved my life." Maybe she doesn't know why, but still she says it, an I always tell her it was the other way around. (page 165)

3. meeting josie

After meeting Josie, Hollis' outlook on life is great, and actually begins to feel like she belongs somewhere. She is very happy living with her and all the experiences they have together.

" And too bad we don't have a few eggs around"

"Or almond syrup" she said.

"Or butter," I said and we both laughed (page 116)

4. running away from the regans

After running away from the Regans, Hollis starts to miss them a lot after she moves in with Josie. That is why Hollis decides to go the the Regans summer home.

"It's me, Izzy," I said. "Do you think I could come home?"

5. hollis and her new family

After Hollis is settled with her new family, again, she is very happy. She now has a mom, dad, brother, and a sister. She is very excited about it. She is also happy because she gets to visit Josie once a month. She knows that Josie doesn't know who she is, she still loves her

"you brought us luck" she says.

So there are five of us now: A Mother, a Father, a Brother, and two sisters.

A family.(page 166)

6. Hollis trusting people and showing emotion

In the end of the book, Hollis begins to trust people, and show her feelings a little more than in the beginning. She starts to show this once she meets Josie. She can laugh with people an have a good time. This is a HUGE change in the book. The reason Hollis was always like that was because she was abandoned when she was a baby.

She shook her head. "That was a hundred years ago. now he comes on a..." She looked up at the ceiling.

I laughed. " A motorbike" (page 116)

7. steven driving the truck

After Steven drives the truck and gets into a car crash, Steven and the Old Man get in lots of arguments. Hollis feels that she is the source of the arguing, and she then decides to run away from the Regan family, causing her to be brought to Josie.

Even with the brake pressed down as hard as he could manage. He pressed and pressed, but the truck gained speed, and just before the end when we would have been fine, the truck tipped, and all I could see we were going to go over.

And Steven yelled at me. "Jump Holly!" (page 125)