Team Hill Update

Dutch Fork Elementary, Title One School, Jan. 15, 2015

Community Open House Jan. 20, 2015 6:30 pm- 8 pm

DFES will be hosting an open house to share with our community what our environmental magnet school is all about. The open house will be held this coming Tuesday, Jan. 20, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. All guests will meet in the mini-theater and hear an overview of our school's beliefs and goals. Families and visitors will then have the opportunity to visit classrooms throughout the school and see what is happening all over DFES. On the fourth grade hall, visitors and guests will be able to visit Mrs. Cosby's classroom to see what is happening with the butterfly garden all 4th graders have helped to establish. Mrs. Donald's classroom will be open for visitors to see what we are currently studying in our unit of inquiry into weather and the water cycle.

Important Upcoming Dates

Jan. 16 No school/teacher work day

Jan. 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday No school

Jan. 22 Math chapter 7 test

Jan. 22 Report Cards coming home

Jan. 23- Tag of Honor Ceremony mini-theater 10:05-10:50 am

Jan. 30 Revolutionary War Test

Feb. 6 Weather Unit Test

Feb. 6 Princess Ball

Feb. 9 Math Games Projects Due

Math Games

Hopefully you have already have seen the math game packet that your child brought home on Tuesday. Students have a great time creating a math game around their choice of theme and challenging math game question cards. I've shared some photos of previous students' games to inspire creativity. Check with the instruction packet for benchmark project due dates. The first step is to choose the theme of your game. Many students already knew before they left school what theme they would develop their game around! The next step is to create a sketch of the game. The sketch helps students to see what items they may need to get to complete their game. Many pizza places will give you a new pizza box for free and they make great boxes to keep gameboard and pieces in!

Coming up this next week...

Math- We are learning about order of operations, patterns and sequence.

Science- We will be studying the tools of the trade meteorologists and climatologists use to study and predict the weather.

Writing- We are working on informational text writing using google docs focusing on student chosen areas of study regarding extreme weather.

Reading: We are working on reading for understanding and comprehension through books on content areas in science and social studies.

Social Studies: We will be using technology to investigate Revolutionary War battle sites.

I am so proud of the work ethic that the students are putting in to really master the vocabulary of meteorologists, mathematicians, and historians!

Last but not least

We just ran out of time today and didn't get to our vocab quiz with everyone. The main thing is to be sure students know the vocab words when we come back to school Tuesday and talk about weather forecasting!

*Official reading logs will be sent home on Friday. Please record any reading done between now and next Friday on a sheet of notebook paper and I'll add that to the 3rd quarter's minutes. Thanks!