Having Trouble Paying Your Bills?

Credit Counseling for Those in Need

Debt Repayment Plan

Are you having trouble paying your bills? Well we are here to help! Consumers that cannot repay their debts in a timely manner should look for credit assistance. All you have to do is contact your creditor, explain the reasons for not being able to pay, and make a proposal for when and what you can pay. From there, you may be able to work out a debt repayment plan. This is an agreement that helps reduce payments to a more manageable level and still pay off the debt.
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Credit Counseling

When having trouble with credit, consumers can also seek help from a credit counselor. Credit counselors discuss and suggest actions to take to reduce spending and eliminate credit difficulties. Two non-credit counseling services available near you are the National Foundation of Consumer Credit and the Consumer Credit Counseling Service! There are hundreds of these offices all across the country that can refer you to a person for guidance. Be sure to steer clear of for-profit counseling services.
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Bankruptcy is a last resort if you cannot get out of your credit troubles. Bankruptcy is the legal process of reducing or eliminating an amount owed. It should only be used as the final option if everything else has failed.
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